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We hire thoroughbred coders who can solve problems and work within a defined process.

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How to join our talent pool

We are granular when it comes to picking who we work with. Our vetting process ensures we get the best to work on delicate projects.

Stage 1 - Application and First Screening

We schedule a call to talk to you about the roles you’re looking for and Devcenter as a company. This is an opportunity for you to talk about yourself and projects you have worked on.

Stage 2 - Coding Test and Technical Discussions

Front-end developers get assigned a coding test - testing your HTML & CSS skills. For back-end developers, we want to know how exactly you approach solving problems with coding.

Stage 3 - Technical Review

After the test and discussions, we send you a form that allows you tell us more about your technical background and the languages or frameworks you are adept at.

Stage 4: Test 2

We receive your application and push a second test to front-end developers. Back-end developers get into a technical conversation and test to see how they would solve a real-life problem.

Stage 5 - Final Review

We review your portfolio as well as your performance on all our tests.

Stage 6 - Acceptance and On-boarding

If you’ve made it to this stage, you’re in. We add you to our talent pool and hold a conversation concerning our software development process, tools we use and expectations.

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