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Our developers and designers are domain experts working across various industries like Finance, Healthcare, Education, and Consumer Technology.

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The future of work is decentralised, distributed and exciting. Set your own hours, work with the most brilliant people in Africa and get paid anywhere.

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We have paid out millions to developers and designers working on projects from around the world.

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What excites you and makes you tingle? Work on building the most exciting software projects. You decide what you want to work on.

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Offices are overrated. Set yourself free and begin to work remotely. Wherever you are. Whenever you want.

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Seen Da Vinci's Vitruvian man? Software development is the perfect blend of art and science. Work in line with our experts and be part of a properly defined process.

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Our top talent have worked in leading companies in Africa

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The best talent want to work with us because we have a well defined process and you can work from anywhere in the world.

All the projects that I have worked on are top notch and I enjoy being part of the community they are passionately building.


back-end developer

Right from the beginning, they have valued the relationship with me and are transparent with engagements. This is something that I value a lot.


full-stack developer

Being a freelance designer, what fascinates me the most is the high quality and interesting projects and the way they handle them.


Product designer

Product Designer

Expert product thinker designing beautiful, seamless, and intuitive software applications?

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Software Developer

Experienced software engineer, coder with expertise across different technologies?

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