Here’s How to Improve Your Landing Page to Increase Conversions

When running an advertising campaign, a landing page is an important aspect. It helps you communicate the product or service you’re selling while simultaneously encouraging the user to make a purchase, leave their contact details or sign up.

What’s a landing page?

A landing page is a webpage you direct customers to when promoting your site via marketing campaigns. A landing page can be part of your website but it does not necessarily have to be so.

Landing pages are calculated by taking the number of conversions, dividing by the number of page visits and multiplying by 100. WordStream estimates that the average conversion rate across industries is 2.35%. The top 25% convert at a rate of 5.31%, and the top 10% organisations convert at a rate of 11.45%. Here’s how you can be part of the 10%.

1. Let the message resonate

Your landing page should amplify and continue the message that led to the page. If you’re acquiring visitors via ads, tweets or sponsored posts, your landing page should be in relation with the campaign content. For example, don’t create ads about a specific service you’re providing and link to a page with information on all the services you provide. Visitors clicked your ads, or followed the link based on what you promised. Deliver on that promise.

2. Have a clear message

Paystack lists the features of its product with a clear and concise copy

Keep away from buzzwords and terminology your customer won’t understand. State what your value proposition is or what problems you’re solving. You can also highlight features of your product in bullet points so they’re easier to read.

3. Use Multiple opt-in or call to action buttons

Paylater includes multiple call-to-action buttons on its site. One is fixed with the menu of the site, the other is above the fold

Include multiple call-to-action buttons on your page. Start by including an above the fold button and also the visitor scrolls down the page. This is to maximise the reader’s attention span and encourage them to carry out the desired action as fast as possible.

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4. Optimise for mobile

Many internet users around the world are mobile-first users. Design your landing page to be responsive from the start so visitors don’t have to zoom in and out to read your message. This could be annoying and would lead to drop-offs.

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5. Design for Focus

Your landing page should be focused on getting the reader to do one thing. It’s important to remove links to your other content on your site that’s not relevant to the landing page content.
It’s advisable to completely remove your website’s main navigation. This is to prevent your customer from ‘leaking’ to other pages.

If your landing page has popups, email newsletter forms or any other form of clutter, you should also remove them.

6. Show Trust

Slack includes logos of some of the world’s biggest companies who use its service

Prospective customers want to know if they can trust you. Include social proof from Twitter mentions or Facebook comments about your service. To help, link back to those posts so your visitor can see they’re from real people.

You should also include any other proof elements that will make your company trustworthy. If there’s an industry certification badge you have or popular website you’ve been featured on, you should include the logos and links where necessary.

7. Make forms straightforward

Zoho CRM’s landing page includes a form with only 3 fields

We advise you only include forms where necessary. When you include forms to collect information, only request for what you absolutely need. Anything else will seem like an invasion of privacy to your visitors and they will leave the page.

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8. Make your calls to actions simple and decisive

Let your call to action buttons explicitly describe what you want the visitor to do. Do you want the visitor to submit a form, sign up for a newsletter or create an account? State that right within the button.

9. Include imagery and video

Helium health includes screenshots of its service on its landing page

If you’re selling software or a product that’s visible, show visitors a glimpse of what the product looks like and what it can do. This would help the reader visualise your product. To make visualisation easier, include a video to show your product in use.

With these tips, you’re sure to be among the top 10% of marketers with great conversion rates. Remember to design the page with your goal in mind and let the page be a guide to achieve that goal for the reader.

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