5 Apps For Measuring Analytics in Your Web Application

Measuring user behaviour on your web application can be hellish – especially if you’ve just launched your startup. You need to figure out where they come from, how long they stay and if they’re appropriately using what you’ve developed. Viewing your analytics data can make your decisions rational and data-driven. You shouldn’t make business decisions based on your hunches only – they are best made when you have numbers to back them up.

Why is it important to measure user analytics?

When startups design user interfaces, they are predisposed to designing for an already set user flow. Users are expected to take one action, the next and arrive at a preset destination to carry out a specific action. Here’s where it gets weird – users will not necessarily follow the route you have set for them or carry out the action you want them to. You might have to tweak your product over and over until you find the right user interface that gives your company the best results.

The great thing is there are tools that can help you figure this out. These tools can serve as a guide to optimise your marketing campaigns as well as fixing elements that might be hurting your users.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools for tracking user behaviour on your website. Analytics’ strength is in watching groups of users as they interact with your web app. It’s also perfect for synchronising with many of Google’s services including Google Webmaster Console and Google AdWords.

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Google Analytics’s is best at tracking groups of users through a conversion funnel. It can show you just where users drop off instead of taking your intended action. However, with so many features, bells and whistles, it takes some getting used to.


Kissmetrics wants your business to grow and focuses on user acquisition and retention for your startup. It’s an awesome tool to find out what users are doing on your site, for how long and what is stopping them from completing certain tasks. What’s also cool about kissmetrics is you can run A/B tests within your web pages and watch how users respond. Kissmetrics was founded by Neil Patel – a veteran online marketer who also launched Crazy Egg.

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Crazy Egg

Why do visitors leave your website? Crazy Egg provides heatmaps and snapshots that show how users navigate your application. You can also set up conversion tracking and A/B test new features. This cool tool can help you find out what buttons on your page users aren’t clicking and what features they’re not using. Data from Crazy Egg can help you focus producct development on the things that matter.
Mixpanel provides detailed analytics for mobile and web. You can track conversions to find out what users are completing certain tasks, watch how they fall through the conversion funnel and even run a/b test to improve your conversion rates. Mixpanel goes further and lets you build profiles for each user so you can really know them and customise email notifications to fit their needs.

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Chartbeat is best for tracking incoming traffic to your site. If you’ve got a blog or your company publishes a lot of content, Chartbeat is just perfect. It shows you how audiences connect with your content and even includes offsite monitoring on Facebook.

It’s a great tool for amplifying or optimising marketing, your content strategy and distribution tactics.

For a well-oiled growth engine like a startup, measuring the right user analytics with the right tool can help you increase revenue, figure out new features you should implement and what features you need to ditch. Startups are all about optimising for growth and these tools are the best at what they do.

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