A+ players brought together to help create beautiful, functional software.

Problem Hackers

Our developers are proficient in the art of building software and hacking MVPs in record time.


They are accustomed to the mentorship culture, guaranteeing an unlimited spread of excellence. Our developers have helped hundreds of newbies become better developers.

Polyglot Programmers

One language does not solve all problems. Our developers have vast knowledge and competence in top programming languages.

Technical Contributors

Our developers have written thousands of technical posts and presented at conferences all over the World.

How we get our 0.3%

We adopt a very rigorous screening process to identify the best. We look for great problem solvers with passion and drive — the types of people we want to work with (and learn from).


Application & Initial screening

The first step in the process sees applicants fill a form which outlines their background; referencing works done recently with ample proof goals and other personality indicators.


Advanced Technical Coding Test

We crafted a standard timed based coding test which applicants are expected to complete within 48hours upon reaching receiving the test invitation.


Phone interview test

Candidates who scale the first two stages are then scheduled for a video interview conducted by two of our senior-most developers.



We established a ranking system for its community which ensures, with all strictness, only recruits with a strong track record of repeated success move up the ladder and/or remain within the group.

We get a final nod from Experts within the community.

As we should, we looked within and handpicked 20+ experts who vet the developers on the platform.

While a good developer will always deliver to the required standard, an updated one advances to work well beyond the benchmark.

Femi Taiwo

Google Developer Expert


Android Developer

Opemipo Aikomo

Product Designer, Paystack

Segun Famisa

Software Engineer, Konga

Amazing community for sharing

Through the process of curating projects, stories and ideas from African developers, we created a unique community online and offline to solve problems within the ecosystem. Over the years, we have reached out and connected more developers to an ever expanding network to foster software development excellence. Meet other developers like you.

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elite workforce.