We simplify rough ideas and build products users will love.

We spend time with you, understanding more about your product and prospective user, before committing any resource to product development.

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Business and Product Requirement Gathering

The beginning of every software project is great documentation of the product, features and the “one thing” you want your potential users to do.

Describe your idea

Tell us what you want to build, the story behind it, and the problem you are trying to solve.

Get a product requirement document

Our product expert will take the idea, highlight the most important features and give you a timeline of production.

UX Research and Prototyping

Every product design starts with a sketch. We then produce a prototype - something we can get the target user to test before we begin actual software development.

  • User research interviews

    We find your potential users, interview them to gain insights before we design.

  • Build wireframes

    We organise features and give you a visual representation of your idea.

  • Develop a prototype

    We give your potential users clickable wireframes to validate your idea.

App Development

Our expertise extends through a broad range of fields.

  • Social

  • E-commerce

  • Apps

  • Fintech

  • Marketplaces

  • API Documentation

Project Management

Every project is assigned to a dedicated project manager with a wealth of knowledge on guiding the project to completion.

Your own CTO

Your project manager acts as a chief technical officer interfacing between you, the software developers and designers.

Timely project deliverables

Software development is a race against time.The PM’s primary goal is to get your idea out when you want it.

Project Estimate Calculator

We’ve built a simple costing engine that estimates the cost to develop your idea. It requires you to fill a couple of details and describe your application’s features.

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Some of the projects we have worked on

With a well defined and constantly fine-tuned process, here are some software solutions we have built for startups.

There's always an expert for your idea.

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