Project Security

At Devcenter, we only work with the best. Whether it’s the talented members working on projects, or the project owners, every individual on the Devcenter platform is vetted for reliability.

We want our members to get paid on-time, and our project owners to receive high-quality work on time, every time. But we’re not just talk, we have put something in place for that.

We have designed a speedy and fair system to resolve issues if ever, on any Devcenter project. In case things go wrong, Devcenter is committed to getting things back on track with Project Security.

If a member or client (project owner) decides that a project is not being completed to their standards, we step in, assess the work done on the project and find a fair compensation amount for both parties. Project security is created to figure out how much compensation is permitted and how much is owed.

What project security covers

Devcenter Project Security covers all projects, big and small. We can deduct up to:

  • 100% of the project budget for incomplete work

  • 75% of the project budget for quality of work not up to Devcenter’s standards

  • 30% of the project budget for delays.

  • 20% of the project budget for inappropriate language tone.

What we don’t guarantee

Devcenter’s Project Security is built to resolve disputes very quickly on projects. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee:

  • Project milestones already marked as complete by both a project owner and a member, and funds are disbursed, the funds cannot be recalled.

  • Work that has been completed outside the project agreement.

What project parts are covered by project

Project Security is designed mainly for project payments, please make sure funds milestone completed are marked as complete only when the deliverables for the project have been fully and satisfactorily met. Project security does not cover work outside the Devcenter project agreement, nor does it cover work that has not been funded.

How we handle upfront payment that has been released

We do not accept liability from upfront payments outside Devcenter nor do we recommend setting up agreements with upfront payments outside of Deventer. We urge project owners and members to use Devcenter’s escrow system, which reduces risk for both parties.

In some cases, we might set up a project where the project owner and member prefer upfront payment. As long as both parties agree to the terms and upfront payment, we will allow them. Please note that a project that has an upfront payment will be treated in the same manner as project that has been marked complete. Upfront payments cannot be recalled, nor can they be reviewed under Project Security.

The process behind project Security

The process is designed to be a speedy one
Once a complaint is filed, we review the project files, source code, test builds, communication logs, timelines, external contracts, and anything else that is deemed important. Within the next 14 business days, we will compile the documentation and compose a full unbiased review, taking into consideration delays, quality of work, language and tone. The review will have final allocation of compensation, and the result from Project Security is final and cannot be appealed by either party.

Please note our resolutions are final, non-reversible, and, in the unfortunate case that either party should disagree, It means that Devcenter cannot be held legally liable.

How long will it take to receive refund and payment?

Once we have determined final compensation, we will disburse funds within the next 72 business hours to both parties (if necessary). In total, Project Security takes less than 1 month.

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