Helping Nigerian Law School Students improve their grades.

Lawyr is an app that uses assistive technology to track progress while preparing for the Nigerian bar exam.


Enyi approached us to create an app for Nigerian law school students. The goal for the app was to assist students in practising for their bar exams and achieve better grades.

We spoke to graduates of the Nigerian law school about their experiences with studying and more importantly, taking the bar exam.

It was at this point the UX Researcher found that 20% of the overall grade was based on multiple-choice questions while the remaining 80% was in essay formats.

We included testing for multiple-choice questions and a special course related flashcard section to help memorise aspects for the essay section.

Many law school students find the content of law reviews and books daunting. We had to make this app easy and fun to use while also keeping in mind the goal - to improve grades. We thought swiping to access features would be a good idea - a pattern used by social apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

The students responded with an overwhelming positive and enthusiastic response. This made us extremely happy about the success of Lawyr .

Final prototype

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