Inspiring foodies with digital restaurant content.

Dyshr is a meal and restaurant discovery app for food lovers that helps its users decide where and what to eat.


Dyshr aims to be the market leader in digital menu presentation. Founded by Oyinda and Koffi. It helps its users decide where and what to eat. The client(Dyshr) carried out extensive market research and discovered foodies find it difficult to know what’s available at restaurants.


The design was focused on discovery for different types of content - video, image and text. It was designed to be an uncluttered MVP for the client to test.


Part of the modern experience of eating out is beautiful imagery. We culled inspiration from Airbnb, Dojo, Hype and Uber Eats.These apps not only enable discovery of food and places, but are heavily image-led. We also looked at Instagram and Pinterest for certain features of Dyshr.

Cross Platform

Dyshr will be developed as a hybrid mobile application for Android and iOS and as such it was imperative that we picked a design system users of both platforms would understand and be familiar with.

Final Prototype

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