Stuff we've done.

Hanson Health

The journey to weight loss is not an easy one; it requires more than an app for daily exercise.

We understood the client’s need to create something different for people seeking to start that journey. We put together a collection of features; metabolic type test, house work out videos, health recipes and a lot more into a powerful web application.

“We appreciate their creativity and professionalism”, they said.

Orange Sale

Having signed up over 5600+ businesses, the challenge was how to showcase the plethora of merchants on a website to drive more awareness and sales.

We set out to create a unique design and a custom management dashboard to display content with the best experience, suited for its target audience.

An app to change the way you schedule

We developed a mobile application that helps to enhance efficiency and satisfy a need for modern and proper management of time and staff. This application proved to be an easier and cost efficient means to fasten and improve scheduling of appointments and interaction among workers.

Recode Hackathon

The dynamic nature of emerging markets creates challenges that have never confronted before. This opens up opportunities for innovation and growth.

Devcenter in partnership with Access Bank, Microsoft, API’s from Flutterwave and IBM’s Bluemix cloud infrastructure organized the very first hackathon themed “Building the future of customer experience in Africa”. The initiative was set up to generate the necessary tools for adapting businesses to the emerging global commerce model and to truly deliver a differentiated and frictionless payment experience.


In the fierce Telco competitive landscape, we were charged with the task of building tools to ensure a smooth enterprise product launch within a short time frame. We also helped branding and marketing teams working on other secondary products.

Tensor Live Viewing Party (Google) Lagos

Devcenter and Google Developer Group hosted a livestream event in Lagos to introduce a fast and easy guide to the most popular Deep Learning framework in the world. Tensorflow (TF) is Google’s attempt to put the power of Deep Learning into the hands of developers around the world.

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