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We are hiring for 2 roles.

1.  Front-end (React + Shopify experienced developers):

2. Front-end (React and non-Shopify developers): Apply through the links above to improve interview chances by over 90%

.The *Front-End Developer(Liquid + React)* role works on our eCommerce front-end (Shopify) and custom built stack on the back-end (React & Node.js).

Their goal is to ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs, implement UI/UX designs, ensure excellent product user experience, build code libraries for future use,  optimize applications for maximum speed and scalability, and ensure user input is validated before submitting to back-end.

Knowledge of the Flex theme on Shopify is an extremely strong plus.Only candidates who have experience with Shopify theme updates, app customisations and overall store design will be considered. You should have experience with Liquid and other languages and have frequently overcome challenges of integration.

You should have a keen understanding of how to use the Shopify API across a multitude of scenarios - particularly including hyper-customisable products. You're also skilled at React and congisant of Node.JS - its a plus if you've also worked with MongoDB.The *Front-End Developer(React)* role works on our React based interfaces that sit on our custom built stack on the back-end (React & Node.js).

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