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We are Eze.A *YCombinator* backed company that focuses on B2B trading.

We are looking to hire a very skilled Dev Ops Engineer that is a passionate, driven, and extremely detailed individual.We're looking for someone with experience in the following areas:

• Automating processes.

• Continuously deliver high-quality systems.

• Reacting quickly to feedback to continuously improve processes.

*Your day to day tasks will consist of the following:

• *Documentation:* Writes specifications and documentation for the server-side features.

• *Systems analysis:* Analyzes the technology currently being used and develops plans and processes for improvement and expansion. The DevOps engineer provides support for urgent analytic needs.

• *Development:* Develops, codes, builds, installs, configures, and maintains IT solutions.

• *Project planning:* Participates in project planning meetings to share their knowledge of system options, risk, impact, and costs vs. benefits.

Pay range: 700,000 - 800,000

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