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_C# Back End Developer Responsibilities:

Translate application storyboards and use cases into functional applications

Design, build and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable C# code

Ensure the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications

Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to these problems

Help maintain code quality, organization, and automatization__C# Back End Developer Requirement

5+ years of experience in C#, with a good knowledge of its ecosystems

Familiarity with the .NET framework {ASP. Net, .Nets core etc}

Familiarity with the Mono framework {{if needed}}

Strong understanding of object-oriented programming

Skill for writing reusable C# libraries_• _Familiar with various design and architectural patterns

Knowledge of concurrency patterns in C#

Familiarity with Microsoft SQL Server {{if deemed necessary for the project needs}}

Experience with popular web application frameworks, such as Nancy

Familiarity with Windows Presentation Framework {{if needed}}

Knack for writing clean, readable C# code_• _Understanding fundamental design principles behind a scalable application

Creating database schemas that represent and support business processes_

Basic understanding of Common Language Runtime (CLR), its limitations, weaknesses, and workarounds

Implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests_• _Proficient understanding of code versioning tools {{such as Git, SVN, and Mercurial}}

Familiarity with continuous integration, Continuous Development (CI/CD)

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