Getting started

  • What is Devcenter?

    Devcenter matches remote teams to software projects. We build world class products, together with technology and top talent from a network of developers and designers in Africa.

  • Why should I Outsource my work to Devcenter and Africa?

    There is a huge demand for software developers in Africa. The market dynamics in Africa are similar to the US and Europe, where demand for software developers is far greater than the supply. Devcenter provides an opportunity for you to get the best talent on the continent of Africa to work for you. “The quality delivered is what you would expect from the top 10% engineers at the Valley”

  • Who are some of your client ?

    We have worked on projects for startups and businesses from across a broad range of sectors, and have demonstrated the additional value that this cross sector experience brings. Today we boast an enviable client list which represents some leading names from within their sectors. Check out some of our clients here.

  • What kind of projects can Devcenter help me with?

    Anyone can request for help on Devcenter! We can help with different types of digital products, such as mobile apps: iOS and Android, web applications, marketing websites, blogs and e-commerce websites. If you need a developer or designer to help you with something, we’ve got your back!
    We have a wide range of talented independent creatives, so we can find the best developer or designer for your project that you can trust working with, for whatever type of project you have.

  • How good are your developers?

    We go to great lengths to find & recruit the best developers in Africa. As a network, we have a very rigorous screening process to identify the best. We are experts in our domains, and we look for great problem solvers with passion and drive, Of the thousands of applications Devcenter sees each month, fewer than 3% are accepted.
    Devcenter was actually designed from the community perspective first - as a concierge service to find developers interesting work. Since we offer the best developer experience in the Africa, we are able to recruit the best developers.

  • Exactly which developers are going to work on projects?

    We can’t tell you in advance because we don’t match your project with developers until it starts. The match is an intricate process - we want to assemble the perfect team for any project. We wouldn’t want to show our developers a bunch of NDA-protected projects they might not be working on, so we don’t perform a match until clients make their first payment.

  • Can you connect me directly with the developers working on my projects ?

    Unfortunately no, our developers value their anonymity and prefer not to work directly with clients. That is why we are a fully rounded community oriented service instead of a developer marketplace. We’ve found that adding a product manager between the client and the development team, which often consists of a tech architect, designer, and several developers, makes the process much smoother.


  • What is your process?

    Our Core process involves Scoping, product design, product development, product deployment and Support. Our projects are divided up into milestones, which are check-in points for developers. Milestones give you a chance to review the progress that we’ve made so far, give feedback to your team, and confirm the scope of upcoming work.

  • What tools do you work with?

    We are a team of Agile performers so we are not limited by certain tools instead we work with tools that enable rapid development to deployment and if necessary, seamlessly reshape it. These are tools we actively work with for effective development:
    Slack - for communication
    Invision - for prototyping
    Jira - for project management
    Zeplin and Sketch - Design

  • When does my project start?

    Project starts immediately after initial deposit of 40% of the agreed sum is paid.

  • How fast can you build my project?

    It depends on the type and complexity of the project. Most standard projects can be built in 1-3 months but high complex projects can take as much as 6 months.

  • What is a revision?

    While you’re using your product, you may find that there are parts of your product that you would like to change or make additions to. We’re happy to perform revisions to work that is part of the initial project scope, but revisions are limited in order to guarantee that projects are delivered in a timely fashion. Work that is not part of the initial scope of a project may require additional payment for devcenter to deliver it.

Project Management

  • How do you manage projects?

    Devcenter handles project management for the clients. Our experienced product managers will make sure that a beautiful product is delivered every time.

  • How does a team get assembled for my project?

    As soon as you start your project, we get to work with our PM for your needs. The PM then matches link to the best team of designers and developers for your project.

  • How often will you send me updates?

    Our PM will schedule a weekly call with you to ensure that your project is on track and will send you updates via email at least twice a week. PM will conduct a product status session to review at the end of every milestone. It’s important that you review milestones promptly in order to keep your project on schedule.

  • What happens when my project ends?

    After we’ve finished building your project, we’ll do a final pass to make sure that everything is polished and high quality. Our PM will then send you your completed deliverable, whether that’s designs or a zip file containing your project’s code. Just because a project is complete doesn’t mean our relationship is over- we encourage you to reach out to us as you scale your project and need additional feature development.

Project Quote

  • How did you put a proposal together so quickly?

    We’ve seen enough projects that we can tell what yours should cost after a short conversation. Our quotes are real and 100% guaranteed. If we underestimate and lose money on your project, that’s on us.

  • Why is the proposal so brief? Do you really understand what I want?

    At Devcenter, we believe in efficient communication, which translates to shorter proposals than you’ll see from most development shops. “Feed with text and image posts, comments, and likes” is pretty easy to understand. No need to write up a half page detailing how it work

Payments and Security

Project Protection

  • What about Project Confidentiality?

    Your Project is covered by a NDA. We only show your project’s details to the developers that will be working on the project; these developers are under a strict NDA with us. Every precaution is taken to keep our systems secure.

  • Who owns the code base?

    Devcenter owns the code base for the duration of the project but once the project is completed all intellectual property is handed over to the clients. However in the case where a code base already exists, code base module is owned exclusively by product owner. Developers can only make changes to the code base after talking to the owner and get the owner’s approval first – except maybe in emergencies.

Reviews and Ratings

  • How can we rate our experience in Devcenter?

    At the end of the project, both parties can rate their experiences working with each other. This rating is recorded internally and is not shared publicly. This rating affects the number of projects that Devcenter members can be shortlisted for in the future as we can speak directly about their work ethic.

  • Referrals

    To find out more on Referrals, click here.

Becoming a Devcenter member - Developer

  • How can I apply to work with Devcenter?

    Devcenter is not taking application right now. We advise you join our slack Community to get updates as to when we will start the application and acceptance process.

  • Can I reapply to work with Devcenter if I’m not accepted ?

    Developers can re-apply to be developers at devcenter 6 months after initial decline, at this time we are able to reassess progress made.

  • How will I get notified for new projects?

    As soon as we’ve reviewed a project that fits your skill sets and technology stack, you’ll receive an email from the product team with a summary of the project. If you’re interested, you’ll be required to send a short personal introduction and share a relevant examples of your previous work. Projects are typically matched within 24 hours.

  • What if my work is not accepted ?

    If a project owner is unhappy with the deliverables, this means that Devcenter will leverage further resolution and find a fair compensation amount for both parties, depending on the quality of work, delays, and quality of communication. Devcenter’s resolutions are final and non-reversible.

  • How does payment work?

    For developers we use a milestone payment structure, payment is made as milestone are completed. Once a milestone is complete, we’ll take care of transferring funds over to Devcenter members, and we’ll cover all transaction fees to manage these payments

  • Do all projects submitted to Devcenter get accepted?

    Nope. All types of projects can be submitted to Devcenter, but our Team will review each project to make sure it’s a good fit for our community of developers and designers. We look at the scope and budget, then compare it with industry standards and the data we’ve received from past projects. Projects with a well-defined scope and respectable budget are accepted. Only then, are we ready to start development.

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