Case Study

Gladepay powers African businesses’ growth with a little help from Gigson.

Gladepay makes financial management accessible and affordable for businesses.

A Gigson hire helped the digital banking platform, Gladepay, achieve its mission of powering growth for African enterprises.

The adoption of new financial service players and offerings continues to grow exponentially in Nigeria. There are infrastructure players such as Mono, Okra,, and consumer-driven players such as Kudi, Opay, and Moniepoint.

Gladepay provides a unique offering for businesses to access bank-level financial services from a computer or phone. Within minutes, you can open a current business account, manage payroll, get loans and overdraft, get a business debit virtual card, and easily accept payments.

There’s a lot of work that goes into building the infrastructure of a truly digital bank. It requires experienced minds to be able to run, maintain, and develop features that satisfy customers. Gladepay reached out to hire a developer who could manage the complaints and experiences customers had while using the platform.

We had a consultation to understand their unique challenges and recommended additional skill sets to their developer requirement. In less than three weeks, we matched Gladepay with the developer they needed and the engagement began.

The Gigson developer gets started with delivering superb technical support to businesses and building new features.

The developer’s initial focus was to interface with customers and resolve technical issues with using the product. The goal was to ensure that customers remained active and satisfied with using Gladepay for all their business transactions. He resolved inbound queries and conducted live video sessions with customers to solve problems.  

They faced the usual challenges that come with a new developer joining an existing team and codebase. The developer was able to conquer this challenge and make pushes to production within days of joining the team. He made important contributions to the virtual card feature, making it easier to use for customers.

Not too long after the placement, Gladepay requested two additional developers. They upgraded the initial developer's job description and trusted him with more responsibility. He started to work on new features on the core infrastructure such as the loan and overdraft with direction and collaboration from Gladepay’s head of technology. The feature has also been launched to customers and is gaining traction.

The Gigson developers added to the Gladepay team, have taken on the challenge to achieve the goals set out on the company’s product roadmap. The Gladepay team is glad to continue to work with us to provide and manage Gigson developers.

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