Case Study

Betfarm saved time and costs by hiring a local developer to optimize their platform.

Betfarm is one of Nigeria's favourite sports betting service. They operate a wide variety of events and games - Sports, Live Casino, E-sports, Virtuals, Pools, etc.

With exchange rates being so unpredictable, hiring foreign developers became an unstable choice for Betfarm. They came to Gigson to help them save costs and achieve their goals by hiring locally.

The year 2020 has seen both a pandemic and global economic crisis. The Naira was devalued twice at almost 2.5x to the dollar. Many Nigerian companies who had set expense budgets, needed to adjust their spending to meet the current economic realities.

Betfarm is an online & offline betting platform that offers betting on the widest variety of events and games (sports, Live Casino, E-sports, Virtuals, Pools, Etc). They had been relying on European developers to manage their platform but needed to change their strategy to manage costs.

Founder & CEO reached out to us to hire a developer to take on the task of revamping their platform design. His main concern was getting an experienced developer who would be able achieve the goals he had set.

We had a consultation with Betfarm’s CEO and after understanding their unique challenges, we matched Betfarm with the developer they needed and started the engagement, all remotely.

Gigson Developer, Oluwaseun integrated seamlessly into the Betfarm team and hit the ground running.

The project’s initial focus was to understand the millions of data streams, structure to keep it consistent, stress test at extreme operating parameters, and figure out the edge cases to ensure a seamless experience.

Oluwaseun was able to quickly understand the technology and fully integrate with the team. Betway was able to expand the scope of work to create a web-based cashier system for physical bookers to take bets on behalf of people.

Gigson's developer faced some challenges. He needed to understand the complex structure of the configuration of the web socket technology that Betfarm used internally. Oluwaseun factored the connection, found the errors, and fixed the problem. His solution made it so the platform no longer needed multiple socket connections which allowed real-time data delivery to be seamless.  

Betfarm relaunches with a new platform design to improve user experience and encourage growth.

Branching out from the cashier system, Oluwaseun was able to use the infrastructure to implement the new design of the platform for the everyday user. The platform now offers the ability to sign up, have user-profiles, and also use the platform on mobile, providing a new and personal experience for the user. Betfarm was able to rebuild their platform design in preparation for the coming football season and make a mark in the betting scene.

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