About Us.

The Mission

To Build Africa’s Finest Software Development Network

The nature of work has changed. More professionals are opting to freelance and remote work than regular 9-5’s, as it has never been this easy to work, communicate and collaborate with colleagues using modern tools.

Yet, It has become increasingly difficult finding the right engineering talent to hire. As everyone tries to hold their competitive engineering advantage. This is the challenge we set out to fix.

We have designed a system to help quality Ideas and work find the hands of the right professionals to help build it at speed, scale and budget. Where entrepreneurs, companies, idealists, and dreamers receive quality results and professionals are paid what they’re worth.

Devcenter is building an exceptional network of software developers, and product managers, Africa’s very own elite software development network and in the end, we would have democratised software development.

What started out late 2016 as a way of rewarding top community members, We now see as the opportunity to be part of a new phase of idea execution.


Active developers and designers in the community.


Paid out to developers and designers in the last 4 months.

Team Devcenter

We are a small independent team of doers, currently rethinking how software is developed.

Akinola Falomo

CEO & Co-founder


Opemipo Aikomo



Seun Awoyele

COO & Co-founder


Kolawole Balogun

Engineer & Co-founder


Collins Iheagwara

Head of product


Osioke Itseuwa

Community Manager


Victor Olomo

Product Manager


Tobi Oladele



Our Investors

Devcenter is funded by a top venture capital firm. We have raised seed funding from Greenhouse capital.

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